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The destruction of Abraha’s army is a historical event that took place in the year 570 CE, during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad. According to Islamic tradition, Abraha was the Christian ruler of Yemen who had built a magnificent cathedral in the city of Sana’a to rival the Kaaba in Mecca, which was the holiest site in Islam.

Abraha wanted to divert the pilgrimage from Mecca to Sana’a and to demonstrate the power of Christianity over Islam. However, his plan was foiled by a flock of birds sent by God, which pelted his army with stones and destroyed them.

This event is known as the “Year of the Elephant” in Islamic history and is considered a significant turning point in the early history of Islam. It is believed to have strengthened the faith of the early Muslims and established Mecca as the central religious and political hub of the Arabian Peninsula.

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