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The rewards of Hajj and Umrah

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An important pillar of Islam – its reward and the punishment for neglect

Pilgrimage of Hajj and to vsiti to the house of Allah is fard unto mankind for him who has the means to find the way thereunto, and whosoever disbelieves, then verily Allah is free and samad from the whole universe. (Qur’aan; Surah Aale Imraan, verse 97)

Saying of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him)

1 “Verily Allah has announced that Hajj is compulsory Fard upon you, hence you have to perform Hajj.”

  1. “Quicken in performing Hajj, for verily no one ever knows what will befall him.”
  2. “Whoever pass away white he is on the journey for Hajj, Allah All Mighty will record the reward of Hajj for him up to the day of Qiyamah. In the same fashion one who dies while on his journey for Umrah Allah (Suhanawattalah) will record the reward of Umrah for him upto the day of Qiyamah.”
  3. “For those whose Hajj is accepted by Allah, there is no reward besides Jannah.”
  4. WARNING HADITH “One who has the means and wealth but could reach the Sacred House of Allah and yet does not fulfil the duty of Hajj, he then may either die as a Christian or a fire worshipper.”

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