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The House of Abbas

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The outside place of Saee, where you will find the House of Abbas (RA). Abbas (RA) was the Prophet (PBUH)’s paternal uncle and protected Muhammad (SAWW) during his time in Makkah.

Abbas (RA), also known as Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib, was the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and a companion of Islam. He was born in Mecca and was one of the early converts to Islam.

Abbas (RA) played an important role in the early Islamic community. He was known for his bravery and leadership in battles, and he participated in many of the major battles during the early days of Islam. He was also known for his generosity and his support of the Prophet (PBUH) and his mission.

Abbas (RA) was a prominent member of the Banu Hashim clan, which was the same clan as the Prophet (PBUH). He was a key figure in negotiating the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah between the Muslims and the Meccans, which helped to establish peace between the two groups.

After the death of the Prophet (PBUH), Abbas (RA) continued to serve as a leader in the Muslim community. He was known for his wisdom and his knowledge of Islamic law, and he was respected by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Abbas (RA) passed away in the year 653 CE and is buried in the Jannat al-Baqi cemetery in Medina. He is remembered as a great companion of the Prophet (PBUH) and a symbol of the early days of Islam.

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