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Places To Visit In Makkah

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The Holy Ka’aba (Haram) is a sure place to visit when you are on your journey for Pilgrimage. Apart from that we have a list for you,


This is the mountain on which Muhammad SAW spent his time before prophethood meditating and  received his first revelation in the cave of Hira from Allah Almighty form the angel Jibra’il . Jabal Al-Nour has a historic significance as it is also thought to be the location of the birthplace of Hazrat Issa. Pilgrims always make sure to pay a visit to this place.  


Also known by its Arabic name Jabal al Rahmah is another historic site to visit while your stay in Makkah. This is the mountain on which the Prophet Muhammad delivered his Farewell Sermon, to his Companions (Sahabah) who had accompanied him for the Hajj towards the end of his life. The pillar on top of the mountain signifies the place where Hazrat Adam AS and Hazrat Hawwa AS met after they were ordered to quit the Heaven. On the 9th day of Dhul Hajj pilgrims gather on this mountain to spend their whole day praying and worshipping.


It is Also known as Makkah Royal Clock Tower, a giant skyscraper to be on your list of places to visit. Recognized as the world’s third tallest building located adjacent to the Holy Mosque gives a mesmerizing look at especially at night. You can also enjoy food on the 11th floor. You can also visit the Islamic Museum inside the Central Clock Tower, featuring a wide collection of Islamic Artifacts.


Situated behind the clock in the Mecca Clocktower is the Clock Tower Museum, one of the Mecca tourist attractions. The museum occupies the top four floors of the clock tower in Makkah. You can visit to witness the Makkah Clock, the most accurate and gigantic clock in the world. You can also enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city from the balcony and overlook the Holy Kabba, surrounding the Tower.


It is the mountain in which the Prophet SAW sought refuge from his enemies on his way to Madinah accompanied by his beloved friend and companion Hazrat Abu Bakr RA. Due to its significance in Islamic history Jabal al Thawr joins the list of one of the rare places to visit in Makkah.


None of the travel and vacations are complete without shopping. Makkah mall is your destination to end your vacations. If looking for international high-end brands, Arab Abayas alongwith dining out Makkah Mall is the place to go.

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