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Misconceptions Related To Ihram

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People tend to have a lot of misconceptions/myths concerning the state of Ihram making it a lot complicated and fearful for those planning to visit for the first time. One needs to have a complete knowledge of not only permissible and haraam acts but also of the acts which are only disliked but do not invalidate your hajj or Umrah.

Prophet SAW said, “Indeed religion (deen) is very easy”. Sahi Al Bukhari book 2, hadith 32.

Therefore, one needs to be aware that there are not only the prohibitions which one carries in Ihram but also there are some acts which are only disliked but do not carry any penalty and can be compensated by giving a little Sadqah (fidyah) – charity given to the poor for missing any act or violating any act of Hajj or Umrah, preferably given in the form of food such as wheat, barley, dates or raisins.

Such acts may include the following:

  • Scratching any part of the body such that hair fall out.
  • Combing the hair which may make the hair fall.
  • Rubbing or scratching the body.
  • Washing the body with non-scented soap/shampoo.
  • Wearing makeup or applying something with fragrance on body.
  • If the face or head accidentally gets covered while sleeping.
  • Eating strong scented sweets/ gums.
  • Smelling any fragrance deliberately.
  • Cleaning nose with a cloth.
  • Killing lice or locusts.

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