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Masjid Shajarah In Makkah

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The Masjid Shajarah literally meaning the “Mosque of the tree” is a small mosque in the neighbourhood of Shi’b ‘Aamir (Valley of ‘Aamir), it marks the spot where the “miracle of the tree” is believed to have happened. Since it is located in the as-Sulaymaniyyah district, close to the historic mosques of; the Masjid al-Jinn and the Masjid al-Rayah

The Islamic historic literature narrates a miracle from the life of prophet Muhammad; which purportedly took place in the vicinity. The tradition relates that the prophet Muhammad was asked to manifest a mundane miracle by a Mushrik (in some traditions a group of mushriks). In response prophet Muhammad called a tree, which is said to have walked towards where the prophet was sitting at the time, declared the prophethood and went back.

A few other traditions also relate that the Prophet was feeling dejected as the people of Makkah were rejecting his call to Islam. He prayed: “O Allah! Show me such a sign after which I would have no concern for the rejection of the people.” He was then instructed to summon a nearby tree which tore through the ground towards him, offered salam and returned when it was instructed to do so. The Prophet then said, “I now have no concern for the people’s rejection.”

Today this small mosque is called the Masjid al-Jandrawi , the origin of this name is not known. It is situated on the intersection of the Umar ibn al-Khattab Road and Masjid al-Haram Road, south of the Masjid al-Haram. It is located across the street (towards the north-west) of the Masjid al-Rayah, and some 150 meters from the Masjid al-Djinn. The historic cemetery of Jannat ul-Mualla is located directly towards the north-west.

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