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How To Wear Ihraam

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Steps of how to wear the Ihram according to the Sunnah

The first step are the actions to do before putting on the Ihram.

To be in the state of purty is the first step to be in the state of ihraam. It is mustahab to do Ghusl (bath) which is Sunnah of the Holy messenger (ASAW). One should take time to remove any unwanted hear and also to cut the nails on the fingers and toes. One should also shave off the hair under the armpits and trim the mushtash. One should also remove any hair below the navel.

Steps for entering the Ihraam for Men

This is only for men where they have two sheets unstitched – first is to cover the lower part by wrapping it around the waist The other sheet is thrown over the shoulder. According to the ulema it is permissible to wear a belt to hold the bottom sheet which can be handy especially to keep your passport and other valuables.

Steps for entering the state of Ihraam for Women

There are no ihram clothing for women but there are certain guidelines which women should follow such as they are not allowed to cover their face and hands while in ihram state.

What actions or things are allowed when in the state of ihram

One can wear the following hand watch, contact , spectacles, personal valuable belt, ring etc. Removing the ihram when having a shower does not break the state

Actions which are dislike when in the state of Ihram

Once in the state of ihram one should be in constant remembrance of Allah and doing any actions which are against the sunnah are prohibited. Also certan actions such as walking with only the bottom part and not having anything covering the top is not available. One should always have the right shoulder covered except during the tawaf of the Kaba. Its important to remain clear especially with impurities if you are travelling with little children etc.

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