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Fard of Ihram

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What are the Fard of Ihram

There are certain actions in Islamic Law which are compulsory and if not adhere to will invalidate the sate of Ihram and hence will not complete the worship of Umrah or Hajj (or if the acts are committed then would require the pilgrim to do kafara)

The fabric which is to be used as an Ihraam should be a piece of fabric which is unstitched – this is unanimously agreed amongst all the school of Islamic thought (the likes of Imam Hanfee, Maliki, Hambal and Shafeee)

Acts which are not allowed when in the state of Ihram:

  • Al-Rafath: When in the state of ihram it is haram to for husband and wife to have any kind of sexual interaction or intercourse, any of its causes and not even touch or kiss …etc.)
  • It is not allowed to be disobedient of any kind.
  • The Ihram clothing should not be sewn clothes (for men only).
  • The pilgrim will not allowed to be involved in quarrelling or arguing which leads to anger, insulting and fighting.
  • It is not permissible to cut any hair on the head or beard (for men)
  • It is prohibited to use any kind of perfumes, scents, soap or shampoos which have perfume in them Trimming or cutting the nails is not allowed
  • It is advisable that men not cover their head and woman not to cover their face while in the state of Ihram
  • Any form of killing whether hunting or even killing a home lizard or ant etc are not permissible..
  • The gardening or cutting of any trees are also not allowed
  • It is not allowed to wear any kind of socks or full shoes. The Pilgrims should wear shoes which clearly show the instep
  • While sleeping it is not allowed to cover the face

Acts or actions which are allowed to do in the state of Ihram:

  • It is perfectly permissible to do a gusul (or shower) intending Tahara, cleanness or for refreshment but it is not allowed to use any kind of perfumed or scented soap, shampoo or tooth paste.
  • It is also ok to have the tooth removed or pulled out or setting broken bones etc
  • While is ok to have a shower and wash the hair you have to be careful not have the hair to fall otherwise the pilgrim would have to offer alms to the poor or orphan etc.
  • It is perfectly fine to wear sandals, a ring which is a sunnat, wearing glasses is also ok, earphones, a watch (but to ensure the belt is not stitched leather), a belt and wallet for keeping money and papers (but ensure the belts is not stitched leather)
  • The pilgrim can change and clean the Ihraam clothing but this is not advisable.

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