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Darun Nadwah (Assembly House)

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Darun Nadwah, also known as the Assembly House, is a term used in Islamic history to refer to the meeting place of the early Muslim community during the time of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina. The Assembly House was a large hall built adjacent to the Prophet’s Mosque, and it served as a venue for various community activities, such as social gatherings, public speeches, and political meetings.

The Assembly House was an important institution in early Islamic society, and it played a key role in shaping the political and social norms of the community. It was a space where people could come together to discuss issues, share ideas, and make decisions, and it helped to promote unity and solidarity among the early Muslims.

Today, the Assembly House continues to serve as a symbol of the importance of community gathering and collaboration in Islamic culture. Many mosques and Islamic centers around the world have established their own Assembly Houses as a way to foster community engagement and promote the values of the early Muslim community.

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