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Common FAQ on Ihram

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We have a great range of packages to deal and cater for all bud Frequently Answered Questions. What are the do and don’t when in the state of ihram are stipulated here

Does kissing your wife break the state of Ihram? When in the state of Ihram one should not indulge in any sexual relationship

Does going to the toilet break Ihram? Going to the toilet does not break the state of Ihram

Is watching TV allowed when in Ihram? When you are in that state one should not be watching TV and constantly be in the remembrance of Allah – watching the TV does not break Ihraam state but is makroo to do so

Does urine on the ihraam break my umrah? If a dirt on impurity comes in contact with your Ihram then you should either fully clean it or replace the sheet but this will not invalidate your whole umrah.

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