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Chemical Composition of Zamzam Water

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Zamzam water is a well-known type of water found in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and is considered to be a sacred Islamic relic. The chemical composition of Zamzam water has been extensively studied, and it has been found to contain several minerals and trace elements that are essential for human health.

The following are the average chemical composition of Zamzam water (in milligrams per liter):

  • Calcium (Ca): 195
  • Magnesium (Mg): 43.3
  • Sodium (Na): 47.2
  • Potassium (K): 14.1
  • Bicarbonate (HCO3): 368
  • Chloride (Cl): 163
  • Fluoride (F): 0.72
  • Nitrate (NO3): 124
  • Sulfate (SO4): 240
  • Silica (SiO2): 14.8

It is important to note that the composition of Zamzam water may vary slightly depending on the time of year and other factors. Additionally, the presence of some minerals in the water may be affected by the surrounding geological formations. Nevertheless, Zamzam water is known for its unique composition and is believed by many to have healing properties.

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